Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Registrations Now Available for January MCAS Training Sessions

Schools and districts may now register for the following training sessions by following the links in the table below:

Training Dates
MCAS grades 3–8 and HS tests
MCAS Accessibility and Accommodations
Overview of accommodations and accessibility features for CBT and PBT
·         for grades 3–8 tests
·         for operational high school tests
New principals, MCAS test coordinators, technology coordinators, special education administrators and supervisors
MCAS grades 3–8 and high school tests and field tests (FTs)/question tryouts (QTs)
Student Registration/Personal Needs Profile
Overview of the Student Registration/Personal Needs Profile (SR/PNP) process for ordering test materials and updating selected accommodations
Principals, MCAS test coordinators, technology coordinators
MCAS HS tests and FTs/QTs
MCAS Test Security and Administration Protocols for High Schools
·         Test security requirements and test administration protocols
·         Participation guidelines
·         Accommodations for operational tests
·         Accommodations and accessibility features for field tests/question tryouts
·         Additional information for new principals
High school principals, MCAS test coordinators

New high school principals are expected to attend this session.Principals who cannot attend may listen to a recording after the session.

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