Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Videos: Why Kids Today Learn Math a Better Way


Are you looking for a way to explain Common Core mathematics to families and community partners?  Look no further.  'The 74' has just created a series of six videos  that clarify the reasoning behind common core math and help families and communities better support students outside of the mathematics classrooms. 

Part 1 highlights the importance of subatizing and number sense in the early grades.  Part 2 is centered around new ways of looking at subtraction while Part 3 focuses on the use of array models when multiplying.  Part 4 interviews Bill McCallum, one of the three inventors of common core math and Part 5 gives us a teacher's perspective.  The final video explains how and why the assessments have changed.  These six videos use examples and manipulatives to highlight the most important shifts in common core math.  They are easy to understand and meant to be shared freely!

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