Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Math Resources!

Illustrative Mathematics has given us a great holiday gift!  They just announced that they are teaming up with K-12 OER Collaborative to create free middle school mathematics materials.  Many of us have been using the openly licensed Illustrative Mathematics tasks for years.  These tasks have always been well aligned and engaging.  We can't wait to see the new materials.  For more information on the collaboration, click here.

PARCC has also released some free new tools.  Have you checked out the PRC PARCC website yet?  In order to explore these new K-2 formative instructional tasks, you must create an account by using the Massachusetts code: MA1788.  Simply click on instructional tools in the top menu bar and you will see 'formative instructional tasks' as your first drop-down option.  Here you will be able to view 16 different kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade tasks.  My personal favorite is 'Math-Libs: Solving Two-Step Word Problems' a Grade 2 task addressing 2.OA.1.