Friday, October 16, 2015

3 New DESE Resources

The 'What To Look For' documents are finally live!  Feel free to check them out here.  The first set of released documents include mathematics grades 1-8 and science grades 1-8.  I highly recommend clicking on the PDF versions.  They are extremely visually pleasing and user-friendly.

If you are curious about the use of these documents, feel free to attend the Curriculum and Instruction Convening on October 27th or 28th.  I will be co-facilitating a workshop entitled, Developing a Shared Understanding of Quality Practice (8A) in which we watch a video and practice using the 'What To Look For' documents.  For more information about the Convening, click here.

Our last resource is a bank of videos.  Did you know that DESE has a YouTube page?  The bank includes 40 brand new high quality videos of K-12 classroom instruction covering four major content areas.  We will be showing one of these very videos during our Convening workshop.  Click here to get a sneak peak of the 7th grade math video!