Thursday, April 9, 2015

Brand New Statistics Model Curriculum Unit

The first ever statistics Model Curriculum Unit (MCU) was just released to the public.  We are very pleased with the final product.  This MCU includes all of the 6th grade statistics standards from the 2011 Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics. Many of these standards are new to the 6th grade.  The Curriculum Embedded Performance Assessment (CEPA) is incredibly hands-on and requires students to explore and analyze data from the United States Census Bureau Website.

MCUs were developed by teachers as curriculum tools and/or resources for use by educators in classrooms across the state of Massachusetts.  As we have said from the beginning, we want to educators to take these units and make them their own.  For a full list of current available MCUs, you must fill out a few pieces of information at DESE's Model Curriculum Website.

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