Friday, March 13, 2015

Once in a Lifetime Pi Day!

Did you know that today is an especially exciting Pi Day?  Usually March 13th represents the first 3 digits of Pi, but this year offers an even more accurate estimate of the Greek letter.  On 3.14.15 we have (for the first time in our lifetime) the first 5 digits of Pi represented!  I bet Twitter will explode at 9:26 which adds another 3 digits to our favorite irrational number.

I’ve mentioned Jo Boaler’s work in the past, and want to point out some excellent Pi Day classroom activities on her YouCubed website.  Are you looking for additional Pi Day videos and paraphernalia?  This Pi Day website has it all.  There is still time to celebrate this important day.  Thank you to my colleague, Mary Lou Beasley, for posing for this week's blog post.

Happy Pi Day to all!

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