Monday, March 30, 2015

Integrating Processes to Address Needs of ELLs

DESE is in the process of releasing a new tool that can be used in the classroom.  The SEI Smart Card is designed to:
  • focus professional development
  • allocate resources, such as materials and coaches
  • identify strengths and weaknesses of current SEI practice
  • plan for ELE improvement
The SEI smart card  is going to eventually become an app but right now exists as a one-page double sided document.  Below are the two sides of the document.

Additionally, MATSOL is offering a course specifically designed for mathematics coaches that focuses on the roles of the coach in supporting, expanding and sustaining effective mathematical practices in diverse math classrooms with ELLs. For more information on this course, head to:

Still have unanswered questions?  Feel free to email Zhaneta Liti, ELL Urban Coordinator in Eastern Massachusetts, at

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