Friday, February 20, 2015

Math Classroom Videos

Video has become essential in helping educators see all of the different ways of approaching the classroom.  Whether you are looking for a video to show to your math department or want to look at a case study in a coach/teacher meeting, having good quality videos handy is always imperative.  This week I am devoting our blog post to math classroom videos.  Below are three free websites that offer a variety of approaches.

Inside Mathematics is a great resource that includes videos on the planning, teaching and debriefing of math lessons.  The math lessons range in age from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  There are classic number talk videos as well as videos that show teachers reteaching after giving a formative assessment.  Feel free to further explore the Inside Mathematics Videos on your own!

Do you know about Jo Boaler's work out of Stanford University?  She is the professor who coined the phrase "Low Floor High Ceiling" when addressing tasks that can be accessed by all students.  She hosts a website called YouCubed where she shares math tasks, videos and teaching ideas.   Many of the YouCubed Math Videos are lectures but a few of them are filmed in classrooms and focused on what excellent math group work looks like.

Did you know that the Teaching Channel now has 185 math specific videos on their website?  Did you like "My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes" that was shared in a previous blog post?  There are now many more new Teaching Channel Math Videos that are equally as good. You can even search through these math videos by grade and topic.

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