Monday, December 15, 2014

Focus on First Grade Fluency

A few months ago, I posted about early numeracy without focusing on a specific early elementary grade level.  This week, I decided to narrow the focus on first grade.  We'll start with a resource out of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Did you know that many of the Model Curriculum Units (MCUs) now come with videos of the MCUs in action? The 1st grade unit, 'Math Detectives! Using Properties of Operations to Find Change Unknown' has an excellent video of the MCU in action!

Our second video comes from the 'Great Kids Milestones' website.  This site is an excellent resource for both schools and parents.  It offers a collection of videos for grades K-5 and walks you through grade level standards in writing, reading and math.  I am including the video, How Easily Does Your 1st Grader Add and Subtract?

Our final resource is the article, Responding to Critics of the Common Core Math in the Elementary Grades.  This article takes the three most widely used criticisms of the math Common Core State Standards and explains why the critiques are not valid.  The first criticism is surrounding a highly debated 1st grade math standard.  The standard (1.OA.C.6) requires students to demonstrate fluency when working with numbers within 20.  The authors do an excellent job of explaining why this standard is cognitively complex yet grade level appropriate.

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