Monday, November 10, 2014

High School Mathematics

This week’s blog post is devoted to secondary mathematics.  Although the blog has centered around early numeracy in the past, higher level math has never been a specific focus.  As a former high school math teacher myself, I am always looking for relevant high school level math news and resources. 

I run a network called the Greater Boston High School Math Leaders Network.  Many of our districts have multiple elementary and middle schools where teachers and leaders can communicate with each other across schools.   Districts tend to have only one high school, and for this reason collaboration becomes much more difficult at the secondary level.  If you are interested in joining our high school network, please feel free to email me at
The majority of high schools across the state still stick to the traditional sequence of Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II.  Some high schools are starting to see the value behind a more integrated approach to teaching mathematics.  Education Week has explored this very topic in today’s article titled, In Transition to Common Core, Some High Schools Turn to 'Integrated' Math.  If you're looking for specific modules that utilize the integrated approach, check out the Mathematics Vision Project.

Although MCAS is still being administered at the high school level, many secondary educators have been requesting PARCC resources to continue the process of shifting their instruction.  PARCC recently released a Tutorial Version of PARCC High School Mathematics Test Booklet.  The
test booklet is paper based and provides hints for every question.

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