Thursday, October 2, 2014

Early Numeracy

I have to step a bit out of my comfort zone for this blog post.  As a former middle and high school math teacher, exploring ratios, proportions, algebra and geometry has always been less daunting than early numeracy.  Kindergarten was not where I felt most at home, but I have learned a lot from my early numeracy peers and it has become a huge part of my job and my passion.

The picture above was taken yesterday at an elementary school in Somerville.  We explored the three-legged rigor stool that balances procedural, conceptual and application.  This kindergarten teacher wanted to create a poster that she could hang on her classroom wall that demonstrated this important balance.  The poster also does an excellent job of highlighting the three aspects of numbers: quantitative, verbal and symbolic.

The Center for American Progress has made an early numeracy video defending the Common Core State Standards.  Robert Hanna, the Senior Education Policy Analyst, has broken down a particular standard that's been under fire in the video, What Would Kindergarteners Learn?

Illustrative Mathematics, the website that brings us free standard aligned math tasks, has now begun a virtual lecture series.  One of the fall lecture series is titled, Working with Number in the Elementary School Classroom.  The series includes an hour long session each month and has excellent speakers lined up!

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