Friday, April 4, 2014


We know far less about dyscalculia than we do about dyslexia.  About what percentage of our students are affected by this learning disability? Which part of the brain is associated with dyscalculia?   How can we help make numbers stick?  Check out How Can a Smart Kid Be So Bad at Math, published in Learning Magazine, to get all of these answers and more. 
The National Center for Learning Disabilities is also a great resource when it comes to dyscalculia.  The website offers videos, articles, forums, ebooks and much more information regarding math disabilities.

Looking for dyscalculia professional development for your teachers or math specialists?  The following course, offered by the ACCEPT Education Collaborative, will examine the nature of learning difficulties, problems and disabilities in mathematics that include dyscalculia, mathematics anxiety and mathematics problems due to dyslexia and dyspraxia.  The course, Diagnosis and Remediation of Learning Problems in Mathematics K-9, meets in mid-August in Natick and will be taught by Professor Mahesh C. Sharma.

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