Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Role of the Rubric

There is a myth that rubrics cannot be used in the math classroom.  Many believe that math is cut and dry; either you get the right answer or your don't.  But there are many skills that can be and should be assessed cross-curricularly.  Presenting and speaking are included in this list and the following website offers excellent performance rubrics to assess these incredibly important real-world skills:  4 Great Rubrics to Develop Students Presentations and Speaking Skills.  There are additional rubrics that can be found on Galileo that address other 21st century skills such as appropriate use of technology and academic rigor.  Check out the Discipline-Based Inquiry Rubric for more details.

The Standards for Mathematical Practices are habits of mind that make mathematicians.  But how can we gauge whether or not our students are utilizing these practices?  The following rubrics were created for the sole purpose of gathering that data:  Standards for Mathematical Practices Rubric.

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