Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PARCC Field Test-Week 1

The moment has arrived.  Schools have begun administering the PARCC Performance Based Assessment field test!  Aren't you curious to hear about how it went?  I am.  Here are some current resources that offer reflections on the process. 

PARCC has provided the public with daily live field test updates on their website.  This offers a current count of students being tested as well as multiple ways to access twitter feeds.  If you are looking for a more detailed process that a technology director went through in Massachusetts, check out this reflection from Groton-Dunstable Regional High School. 

Maybe you want to talk to someone about the field testing process in person.  Burlington Public Schools administrative and technology teams will hold a panel discussion on April 12th at the New England 1:1 Summit.  Burlington Public Schools chose to give the computer-based field test to every student in grades 3-11 in both math and ELA.  They are the only district that made this decision and plan to test-out various devices.

This is an exciting time!  Massachusetts is completely committed to ironing out the kinks. The Commonwealth would rather identify weak spots now and give the adoption process the time that it truly deserves.

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