Thursday, February 13, 2014

Science is the New Math

Did you know that science is included in the Competency Determination which serves as a graduation requirement?  Did you know that science scores are incorporated into PPI  calculations? Did you know that the MA Science & Technology/Engineering Standards have recently been revised?   Did you know that the last time the full set of science standards was updated was in 2001?  Helping students become college and career ready is not simply necessary in English and math classes, but is also critical when it comes to science, technology and engineering. The new science standards include consistent integration of practices and content and aim to incorporate ‘lab days’ and explorations more frequently.   

Feel free to take a look at a draft of the revised MA Science & Technology/Engineering Standards at  On this website you can also find crosswalks that show the difference between the 2001 standards and the revised standards, frequently asking questions, a list of teachers and administrators who helped with the project and strand maps. 

Do you have further questions about the new science standards or the future of science education in Massachusetts?  Feel free to email:

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