Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where Do I Find Math Performance Assessments?

'Performance assessment' is the new buzz phrase in U.S. schools.  Although performance assessments have been quite common for centuries in some of the higher achieving countries’ schools around the world, they have just recently begun to permeate our nation’s schools on a more consistent basis.  With the PARCC performance-based assessment field testing beginning in March and April, there seems to be more performance assessment urgency. Educators want to give their students authentic practice prior to administration.  Here are a few places that have Common Core State Standards for Mathematics aligned tasks.

1.  Core has published math modules for grades 3, 5 and 7.  These modules have been created by cross-district teams, piloted and revised. 

2. The PARCC website has released math sample items and task prototypes for grades 3 through high school.  Some of the items allow students to practice the technology tools that they will be able to utilize on the actual computer-based exams.

3. Arguably the largest database of tasks is Illustrative Mathematics.  There are over 900 illustrations that range from kindergarten through high school.

4. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has released multiple Model Curriculum Units that are available for pre-kindergarten through Algebra II.  In order to access these units, simply enter your name and email address at the website below.  At the end of every unit is a CEPA (curriculum embedded performance assessment) that gives students the opportunity to synthesize what they have learned throughout the unit lessons.  

5.  Dan Meyer has a Google spreadsheet with over 60 Three-Act Math Tasks that range from grades 3 through high school. Act one always consists of a real world mathematical conflict.  Act two requires students to find and use resources.  Act three brings a resolution or solution. Three-Act Math Tasks present a unique way of approaching performance assessments.

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