Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why and How do we Share Student Work?

It is now easier than ever before to share student work.  With a simple click of a button we can capture what a student is creating in our classrooms and make it available for the world to see!  And why wouldn’t we take advantage of this remarkable opportunity to share a student’s justification, thought process and/or evolution?  Our featured article demonstrates The Power of Student Work

So maybe I've convinced you just how impactful this process can be.  But the next question is how do we authentically go about sharing student work with our colleagues?  The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has partnered with the Center for Collaborative Education to promote and support two cohorts of professional learning communities (PLCs) in twenty-six districts in Massachusetts.  One of the key features of a PLC is the ability to follow a protocol to structure discussions and maintain focus.  Check out this relevant Learning From Student Work-Protocol.  It articulates guidelines in selecting appropriate student work and helps structure reflection and dialogue around the selected pieces.

Last but not least, I’ve included some actual examples for the visual learners in our blogging community.  Expeditionary Learning has collected hundreds of samples of student work available for the public to view and discuss. The student work can be selected by discipline and grade level.  My personal favorite (featured at the top of this blog post) is the The Home of Ivy Olcott.  This piece explores standards 5.MD.1 and 6.RP.3 through an interdisciplinary math and art project.

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