Thursday, November 14, 2013

Can Everyone Learn Math?

What do you say to a student, teacher, administrator or parent when they assert that specific students simply aren't capable of learning in the math classroom?  Why is it that math has the reputation of being a subject that students either understand or don't? Are the common core standards going to make students' math anxiety worse?  What are some strategies that teachers can use to help boost math confidence?  The three highlighted articles below address all of these ubiquitous questions and more.

'Is it True That Some People Just Can't do Math?'
Daniel T. Willingham is a psychologist at the University of Virginia.  In this editorial, Willingham uses science to prove that all students are fully capable of learning K-12 mathematics.

'The Stereotypes About Math That Hold Americans Back'
Jo Boaler is a passionate professor at Stanford's Graduate School of Education.  In this article, she clarifies how the math common core standards can improve students' confidence in the math classroom.

'The Biggest Lie Students Tell Me (and How to Turn It Around)'
José Vilson is an incredibly genuine writer who currently works as a math teacher and coach.  José offers four key strategies that teachers can use when students claim that they can't complete a task.

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