Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Timeline for PARCC Implementation

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has announced a clear PARCC timeline! After two years of field testing, the state Commissioner will recommend whether to adopt the PARCC assessment as the state testing program.  As you can see in the timeline below, a final decision will be made in late fall of 2015.  The recommendation to slow down and reflect a bit more about Massachusetts' adoption timeline is a direct response to districts' recommendations. 

Feel free to look at the DESE Website for more information about the revised PARCC plan.

2013–2014 School Year


November 19, 2013:

Board votes on plan for two-year transition from MCAS to PARCC



Spring 2014:


PARCC field test administered in randomly selected Massachusetts schools/classrooms (and in 13 other states)

2014–2015 School Year



Early fall 2014:

Analysis of PARCC field-test data by Department staff

Late fall 2014:

Board receives update on PARCC field test and operational test that includes an assessment of whether PARCC is on track to be better than MCAS
Winter/spring 2014–2015:
Massachusetts schools administer first operational PARCC or MCAS assessments, pending Board approval of plan for districts to choose between the two; all grade 10 students will continue to take MCAS in order to qualify for the Competency Determination

2015–2016 School Year



Summer/early fall 2015:

Standard-setting for PARCC tests; analysis of operational data

Late fall 2015:

Board votes on full adoption of PARCC based on a determination of it being better than MCAS


Spring 2016:

Administration of PARCC operational tests for grades 3-8; grade 10 students will continue to take MCAS to qualify for the Competency Determination

For an excellent graphic that connects and embeds all of the PARCC initiatives, click on the link below:

Making Sense of PARCC

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