Monday, October 28, 2013

Conceptual Understanding of Fractions

Fractions are a major focus of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics.  Although many of us were not taught fractions in a conceptual or visual way, we are now expected to teach beyond the procedural; and for good reason!  Below are some useful videos, tools and explanations that might help facilitate this shift in the math classroom. 
Using a Number Line to Teach Fractions
This video does an excellent job showing and explaining how the open number line (and double number line) can be used when teaching fractions.  It demonstrates how students can model with mathematics (standard for mathematical practice #4) and even includes a few examples of student work.

Fractions Progression
This website highlights seven key units of fractions and the ideal progression of these units.  It connects 3rd, 4th and 5th grade fractural concepts together through videos and sample teacher explanations.

Visual Fractions Practice
This tool is a visual learner's dream!  It includes fraction visualization models, worksheets, games and step-by-step explanations.  Everything on this site is free and kid-friendly.

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