Friday, March 8, 2013

Student Friendly "I CAN" resource

I wanted to share a resource from West Virginia Board of Educations "RESA" (Regional Educations Service Agency).  RESA II in collaboration with several counties unpacked grade level content common core standards and developed student-friendly  “I CAN” statements. This process they felt "was very helpful to teachers to gain an understanding of what students should know and be able to do.”

These are terrific starting points and would serve nicely as a PLC or grade level team activity - take these statements and map to the 2011 MA frameworks. Here is an example:

 (corresponding MA content standards shown in RED)

GRADE 8.2.1 

7.EE.4 MA(c)
  • I CAN use a variety of strategies to solve one-step linear equations
  • I CAN use a variety of strategies to solve two-step linear equations
  • I CAN defend and justify the strategies used to solve linear equations
  • I CAN graph linear equations
  • I CAN use a variety of strategies to solve inequalities with rational solutions
  • I CAN defend and justify the strategies used to solve inequalities with rational solutions
  • I CAN graph inequalities

Doing a quick google search you can find other examples. Here are just a few:
Ohio - Marlboro, Lexington and Washington Elementary Schools
North Dakota - Grade 2
Kentucky - Garrard Elementary
Iowa - Fairbank Elementary

If you try this let me know via email: or post comments.

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