Saturday, December 1, 2012

Resource sharing and Mathematics UDL

Blogger, Twitter, Scoop-it, Pinterest, Tumblr. Which are you following? Using? I intend to selectively share resources related to GB DSAC districts' initiatives. My twitter feed (see link to the right) will include these and other resources "as I find them".

This week's resources align to the three principals of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) the foundation for supporting robust tier 1 instruction used in many GB DSAC schools and districts.
Provide Multiple Means of Representation

Use to represent (mathematics) vocabulary. Here is an example for "equation"
source: "equation" in

Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression

Consider offering student assignment "menus"with directions such as, "Choose a variety of activities from the menu below. The activities must total at least ____ points. Place a checkmark next to each box to show which activities you will complete". Examples can be found here,

Provide Multiple Means of Engagement 

Use the TED talks (beta) site for education. Mathematics lessons are at I recommend this engaging Ted-Ed on estimation using powers of 10. Make sure you follow the lesson links for assessing (Think) and extending (Dig Deeper).

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