Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recently Released Draft Model Curriculum Units (Prototypes)

The DESE Center for Curriculum and Instruction's mission is to:

"help schools, districts, and organizational partners build capacity to engage all students in learning to meet rigorous expectations" 

In order to support schools implementation of the new curriculum frameworks they have released a protoype/draft model curriculum units. The mathematics unit is: Grade 6 Ratios and Rates which I have included here and can be found on-line as well (with units for ELA, Social Studies and Science) and other DESE resources at

Released: 4 Draft Model Curriculum Units (Prototypes)
Through the Race to the Top Initiative, teams of educators from across the state will develop more than 100 pre-k to grade 12 model curriculum units in English language arts and literacy, history/social science, mathematics, and science and technology/engineering. Four of these draft model curriculum units are now released to the public and all districts for try-out and feedback, they include:

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